Cobra Slider Compressor

The Slider Compressor was custom designed by our team  to meet a public need to provide ease of use for mounted truck deck compressors which was found apparent upon sales of our Tyre Equipment line. This compressor sits neatly on truck decks and tyre service truck bodies. Its original and innovative slide in – slide out feature is essentially what provides the mobility ease  when the user is found in mobile situations.

The unique sliding base allows the compressor to deliver BIG air yet maximize valuable deck space on any service truck. The unit is only  1100mm long,  650mm wide, 1100mm high therefore allowing toolboxes and other essential tools to fit in the space saved.


  • Full Cast Iron pump

  • Cast Iron drive pulley

  • Fitted Pressure regulator

  • Polyurethane wheels (to eliminate vibration)

  • Fitted SELF-CHARGING battery

  • Fully Powder coated

Available In:

13hp 42cfm Petrol

14hp 42cfm Diesel

**Contact us for pricing details**