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The Pneumatic Bike Lift / Elevator

In 2014 Cobra Manufacturing were approached to Design, Build and Install a custom made pneumatic powered bike lift for the Translational Research Institute in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We collaborated the needs of institute members into the design of this project to ensure the lift met the teams expectations. Below are images of the fully operational TRI Bike Lift project.



The Slider Compressor

The Slider Compressor was custom designed by Cobras Director to meet a public need which was found apparent upon sales of our Tyre Equipment line. The Slider Compressor sits neatly on Truck Decks and Tyre Service Truck bodies. Its original and innovative slide in – slide out feature allows for ease of use when the user is found in mobile situations. Cobra continues to sell these to date.




Th Bicycle ARC

The Bicycle Arc was custom designed and patented by the team at Cobra in 2014. This unique pushbike parking facility encorporates a smooth sliding mechanism which transports the bike down the curved rack with a release of a lock bar. Stylish, Slick and easy to use.

Cobra works closely with the company Penny Farthings who install and sell the Bike Arc parking solution around the world. A local install was completed in 2016 at 1 William St in Brisbane, Australia, featured on Channel 9 in October 2016.

Click to view video of Arc also in the Brisbane times:



The Cobra Tyre Punches

The Cobra Tyre Punches were originally inspired by a custom design for a small raceway in Queensland, Australia a decade ago. The machines basically punch a precision hole through a tyre, The Tyre Wall punch specialises in punching holes through the tyre wall where as the Tyre Tread punch is specifically designed to punch through tyre tread with no exposed tread. Since the original design and manufacture of the Tyre Wall and Tread Punches, Cobra Manufacturing has reviewed and renewed the design to make both machines portable as well as affordable whilst sustaining a 100% Australian Made quality manufacturing guarantee.