Cobras long term manufacturers are highly trained and skilled in their specific areas of expertise, ensuring that the manufacture of your product is in safe experienced hands. Our team pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture quickly and effectively, praised by customers for the high quality of goods we produce within their requested time frames. To do this we engage in open and consistent business to business communication channels with our customers, so changes to manufacturing and design elements can be implemented accordingly.



To ensure the utmost efficiency – saving customers time and money we have developed systematic approaches to industrial manufacturing, utilizing specific custom made jigs along with other resources specially required for effective manufacturing purposes.



Cobra Manufacturing is proudly based in Queensland Australia and offer the flexibility of shipping nationally and internationally to your preferred destination upon a goods shipping agreement.




Director of the internationally successful company PFL Spaces Mark Rossiter has utilized Cobras custom design and manufacturing expertise since 2010 when our team at Cobra invented the Bike Arc and became the main manufacturer for Penny Farthing’s bike parking facilities. Mark presented his thoughts about Cobras Manufacturing service below:

“We have been proud customers of Cobra Manufacturing since 2010. Their creative approach to design development makes commercializing product ideas speedy and painless. They also have capacity to scale up production with high tech customized production jigging producing high quality Australian products..”