The Cobra Tyre Punches



Tyre Tread Punch

  Light weight, portable and semi dismantle-able tyre construction equipment.

“The Cobra Tyre Punches are quality pieces of pneumatic powered machinery, and a great representation of the high level of custom design & fabrication skills that our company has to offer.”


– Mr Craig Hyde



Our team at Cobra have a passion for inventing. We strive to meet product niches in society that people may shy away from.

As each year passes its becoming more apparent that we need to make movement towards a greener cleaner world, one in which we believe reducing landfills by recycling tyres is the first step – one which we hope our Cobra Tyre Punch machinery can assist to provide.

At this stage you may have a few questions about our machinery… we hope you can find your answers below:

What initially inspired the tyre punch machinery:  The Cobra Tyre Punches were originally inspired by an inquiry we received from a small raceway in Queensland, Australia a decade ago. Our team was approached to invent a machine that would ease the time and labor spent drilling holes into used tyres to construct safety barriers for raceways. To meet this need we welcomed the invention of The Cobra Tyre Wall Punch.  Since the original design and manufacture of the Tyre Wall Punch, Cobra Manufacturing has reviewed and renewed key design elements to make it portable as well as affordable for both the business and the everyday user.

What was the need to make it portable and affordable: Typically large scale tyre recycling  is restricted to utilization on a commercial level. At Cobra we hope to see tyre recycling practiced with ease across a wider reach of people. Therefore, making the tyre punches portable and affordable was a must as it meant that recycling tyres with our machinery can easily be utilized by the everyday user.

When did recycling tyres become the main focus of the machinery: After the construction and sale of the tyre wall punch our team at Cobra re-grouped and began heavily researching equipment available to aid everyday and commercial user in tyre construction and recycling. To our surprise, our results showed that there was little to no obtainable portable equipment to meet this ever growing need. It was at this point we were inspired to form a line of products to assist in recycling used tyres.  In 2016 we extended our product line to introduce the Cobra Tyre Tread Punch.

We firmly believe the possibilities for tyre construction and recycling are endless – coupled with our revolutionary tyre punching machines ease of construction could be at your fingertips.




  • Tyre Wall Punch: Punches two holes into the wall of a tyre simultaneously opposite each other in approximately 5.0 seconds.
  • Tyre Tread Punch: Punches one hole directly into the tyre tread whilst simultaneously inserting a 32 DIA copper sleeve to protect users from tread exposure.



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The Cobra Tyre Tread Punch – Introduction


The Cobra Tyre Wall Punch – Introduction






The links below are resources detailing the construction of a Metal Plate Barrier as well as the Tyre Punch Operation Manual:

Assembly CAD      Impact Simulation       What is a Tyre Plate Barrier       Operation Instruction Manual – Tyre Punch     



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